• 8232 Zena Colour Bang.

The Symbol : 8232

Nazwa:Zena Colour Bang. Importer:Zena. Kod producenta:8232. 20-Sztuk w opakowaniu. Kategoria:P1. Nec:30 gram na całe opakowanie. Nec:1,5 grama na petardę. Certyfikat:CE.

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Zena Color Bang firecracker

The Zena Color Bang firecracker is a firecracker with the effect of a red flare and bang, it is very solidly made

The package contains 20 pieces


Nec:30 grams for the whole package.
Nec: 1.5 grams per cracker.

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As this is a product from the pyrotechnic category, it is recommended to use it in accordance with the safety rules.
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