• Photo Smoke RED CLE7038R

The Symbol : CLE7038R
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Effect duration 60 - 90 sec.
Effects colors Red
Explosive volume in m3 0.00066


Colored smokehouse for photography Photo Smoke 90 red

Photo Smoke 90 colored smokehouses are specially developed for photography. These smokehouses have gone through a long development in manufacturing to create a colorful smokehouse that will not only have rich colored smoke, but you will be able to hold it in your hand. Hand smokers are more difficult to develop due to the fact that they must not sizzle so they don't burn you. Nevertheless, even this type of chimney can be hot when held, so we recommend holding it by the far end from the ignition cord.

The smokehouse Photo smoke 90 has the effect of colored smoke and is used exclusively outdoors. There is no sound effect when using smokestacks, so they are classified as silent fireworks.

Colorful smokehouse for photo shoots PHOTO SMOKE

A smokehouse with a color effect, designed especially for photography. Smokehouses for photography are a very popular assortment, you like to use them for wedding photography, thematic photos or advertising photos. These smokehouses are specially developed so that you can hold them in your hand. We recommend keeping the chimney away from the burning end when taking photos. The smokehouse for photography is used outdoors and does not sputter when smoking like other smokehouses.

Contents of the fireworks package:

One package contains 1 red hand smoke grenade. These colorful smokehouses smoke for 1 minute 40 seconds.

Watch the video of the Photo Smoke red colored smokehouse:

Fireworks Safety:

Always consider your safety and the safety of your property when using fireworks. Follow the instructions written in the user manual and handle pyrotechnics with care. Store fireworks with an emphasis on the fact that they are flammable material. Do not use pyrotechnics after the expiration date.

Product size: 

Height: 12.5 cm

Category: P1

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