• Strzelające DIABEŁKI CLE8033 Czerwone 50szt

The Symbol : CLE8033

Strzelające Diabełki cena za opakowanie 50 szt.

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Children's fireworks Diabelki Red

Children's fireworks represent the safest category among fireworks. Colorful bouncy balls are an ideal addition to any children's party, be it a birthday party or any other special occasion where you want to make your children happy. Ignite sparks of joy in your children's eyes.

Safety with children's pyrotechnics

Always think about the safety of you and your children when using children's pyrotechnics. Follow the instructions written in the user manual and handle pyrotechnics with care. Store fireworks with an emphasis on the fact that they are flammable material and do not use pyrotechnics after the expiration date.

Category: F1


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