• Incandescent burners and lighters

If you want to have champagne on New Year's Eve or during other important occasions, and you dream of pyrotechnic products, you know perfectly well that you will not be able to use them without a glow lighter. With us you don't have to worry about it - we have a lot of them in our offer! We sell them in large quantities, thanks to which you will stock up with us and you will not have to run to the store when one of them ceases to fulfill its function. Anyone who uses them regularly knows how tedious the constant search for a new copy can be. Our glow lighters will work flawlessly when you want to light fireworks, small firecrackers, crackers or smoke balls. As an online store with pyrotechnic products, we understand it perfectly, which is why we have them in our offer; Thanks to this, you won't have to go anywhere to get everything you need to have fun. It is worth noting that our incandescent lighters have decorative packaging with New Year's Eve motifs. Is that what you're looking for? Have a look below!
Zapalniczka Żarowa F2 Turbo. Zapalniczka ładowana gazem. Zapalniczki z nadrukiem Fajerwerków.
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The Availability Of 25 opak
The Weight Of The 0.05 kg.
Zapalniczka Aatomic Black line. Kolor:Złoty,Czarny,Srebrny. Zapalniczki ładowane gazem.
This product is currently not available
Zapalniczka Atomic Jet Flame. Kolor:Srebrny,Niebieski,Czarny,Zielony,Czerwony. Zapalniczki ładowane gazem. Zapalniczki z unikatowym nadrukiem fajerwerek.
This product is currently not available
Zapalniczka Atomic Electronic lighter Tankboy. Zapalniczka ładowana gazem. Zapalniczki posiadają unikatowy nadruk.
This product is currently not available
Zapalniczka Atomic Jet Lighter. Logotyp Pirohit. Zapalniczka ładowana na gaz. Zapalniczka ma długi wysuwany palnik.
This product is currently not available
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